6 Speed Manual Transmission Problems

2005 Tacoma with V6, 6 speed manual & access cab

Folks: I’m trying to find out if the new Tacoma will be sold configured with the following in a 2 wheel drive model. From Toyota’s web site I’m not sure if manual tranny is an option on this truck. Prehaps its because its so new but local dealers don’t seem quite sure – Thanks – Michael

« I went to the build your Toyota page here: and was able to configure a Tacoma Xtracab PreRunner 4×2 V6, 6 speed manual and add the Vehicle Stability Control(VSC) + Traction -Control(Trac) W/Automa.. »

« You need model number 7163, the 2WD “Pre Runner” V6 Access cab 6 speed manual. For the limited slip, you need one of the following option packages: Sport Package PT or PY has mechanical limited slip.. »

« You need model number 7163, the 2WD “Pre Runner” V6 Access cab 6 speed manual. The model code is GRN265L-CRFDKA. For the limited slip, you need one of the following option packages: Sport Package PT.. »

« Thanks to everybody that replied – Turns out that the reason its not available in New Mexico is based on how and when Toyota ships goodies to its dealers. I have found the exact truck I want at an online dealer who also referred my to Naperville Car Detailing, which has been great!»


07 pontiac G6 GT

Thinking about ordering a GT with sport package: 6 speed manual, 3.9l V6, 18″ tires etc. Not sure about radio. Can’t find out if speakers are the same with the Sun Sound package instead of stock system. Original system is single cd and monsoon speakers – package includes 6 cd changer. Also ..

« Just a few general observations. 1: If most of your driving is heavy stop/go communter type, consider how much gear rowing you’ll do with the 6 speed/automatic. A few miles a day is OK, but long h.. »

« I thought they only came in Auto trans. »

« There’s a “sport package” which also adds the above as well as stability control and rear spoiler. »

« Does that package also come with the convertible?…if so I may take another look. »


Squealing and rubbing noise while turning after replacing

All acura experts, I recently had my rotors on my 2004 Acura TL (6 speed manual) replaced by a friend of mine. I have the Brembo brake calipers in the front. We purchased the Powerslot premium rotors to replace my old plain one and installed it. But since my brake pads had aroung 90% left(practica..

« Oh, the joys of aftermarket parts. Sounds like the rotors may be too big in diameter and are contacting the pad slide shims or the mount bracket. Check the rotors’ perimeters for signs of polishin.. »

« I had verified the rotors to be of same diameter before installing and the holes match too. One problem was..the rotor fitted snuggly on the screws and I had to tap it a little with a wooden mallet .. »

« ————————— You may have forgotten to check and _lubricate_ the slider pins that allow the caliper to ‘float’ as the pads slowly wear down. See all the helpful stuff about brakes a.. »

« Like I said earlier.. I did not change my pads…so I did not dismantle my caliper…Should the slider pin be lubricated when you change the rotor? I did not want to mess with the caliper…so left .. »


Clutch by-pass switch?

Hello; I have a New 2008 Tacoma, in the book, I see what is described as a clutch by-pass switch, I have 2 wheel drive 6 cyl. 6 speed Manual trans. How does this work and can I install it without much trouble?

« The switch simply lets you crank the starter without depressing the clutch pedal. It can be useful four wheeling, when you need to start the truck in gear to get out of a very low traction situation. »

« What’s the point? Why expose yourself to liability issues that arise out of defeating an important safety device? »

Problems Changing Transmission Fluid

Transmission and how to change fluid???

Hi All, This is my first post so can i first say a big HELLO to all you BMW owners on the forum Smile Could anyone please help with the above question as i really want to change the trans fluid asap thanks in advance Wink

« Not one reply i cannot believe no one as ever changed thier trans fluid Shocked »

« It would help if you state whether you have a MANUAL or AUTOMATIC transmission! »

« It helps to know if you have a manual or automatic, and the model year. I going to go out on a limb and assume you have an E36 with the manual transmission. There is a plug on the bottom to drain t.. »

« Hi, Thanks for the replies my car is a 2001 E46 318i se Steptronic Touring as per my signature  Rolling Eyes »


2006 Expedition Transmission Fluid Change

Our 2006 Expedition is coming due for its 1st Transmission Fluid change. I have a Pickup truck (different make) where I do the transmission fluid change myself, so I want to go ahead and do it myself on the Expedition as well. Unfortunately, there is no repair manual available yet for the 2006 ..

« > Our 2006 Expedition is coming due for its 1st Transmission Fluid > change. I have a Pickup truck (different make) where I do the > transmission fluid change myself, so I want to go ahea.. »


2003 Golf Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

A friend wants me to change the fluid in his automatic transmission for him. He has a 2003 Golf. I have the shop manual up until 1999 and it says that you need a vacuum pump to get the fluid out since there is no drain plug. Is this right? Is there a drain plug on the 2003 models? Is there a fil..

« Dave, Excellent info. Thanks!! »

« from “the fluid in your tranny right now is the VW ATF that you can only use…it is a synthetic…to make that tranny last for a very very long time is not to beat on it and make sure the trann.. »


How often do you change your transmission fluid?

I don’t know that much about cars and don’t have a regular mechanic so I just go to random service stations for oil changes every 3000 miles. I bought my ;’90 Camry 2.5 years ago and my mechanic back then flushed and changed the transmission fluid. I haven’t changed the transmission fluid since -i..

« Oh I forgot to ask – is the transmission fluid easy to change yourself? Is there a website that gives step by step directions? Joe wrote: »


How to change Transmission fluid on 2000 Civic

I don’t have a manual but I think I need to change the fluid. I can’t find it underneath, do I need to take off the skirt?

« @n2g2000hse.: Go here: Click on “Owner’s Manuals” from the menu at left (no login required), then navigate to your car. The instructions on how to change the transmission fluid are there. You ca.. »

« thanks but when I download the doc it only gives me the table of contents. Is there any trick to it? »

« Joe wrote in There is. Click on the first thing in the Table of Contents. See the number of pages reported in the PDF window? Click the right-facing arrow at upper right until the count changes… »


1993 Audi 90 CS NON-Quattro V6 – Transmission Fluid – BG A

My automatic transmission usuall gets stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear. So I looked at the manual and it says that transmission fluid must be perfect and that in Quattro’s you can not change the fluid. The fluid does not appear to be low. Two questions: 1) Does this mean I can get a transmission fluid fl..

Step by step instructions for changing transmission fluid

The Gear Shift

Gear shift Knob

I have a 99 Cavalier auto trans, my question is how do you remove the gear shift knob, so I can remove the console to install new carpet?


2000 Malibu Gear Shift

My 2000 Malibu gear shift knob has begun to tear away from the post. Any insight on where I can obtain an online replacement? thanks!!


2000 GLS Trans problem (2-3 and 3-4th gear shift problem)

I have recently noticed that my sonata has a stumble in the shift from 2nd to 3rd and sometimes 3rd to 4th gear. If I accelerate slowly it isn’t that notceable. However, if I accelerate at a good clip that last shift (its in drive) has a hesitation (or stumbles as I feel it) and actually the rpm..

« Most likely, it’s an internal problem that’ll require transmission replacement. Technical service bulletin 03-40-015 gives details on diagnosing a 2-3 shift flare, but the things we’re discussing he.. »


Taurus wagon – gear shift

Today I started having trouble with my gear shift (automatic) Locking in Park. When I press down the brake pedal many times it will release the gear shift. Can someone tell me if this is a sensor or an electrical part? What is causing this to happen and what can I do fix it. Please help – it’s d..


gear/shift indicator out of position

I’m not sure what happened, but the gear indicator on my instrument panel has gotten off by one position. Is this a common problem? All the gears work as they should so there isn’t anything wrong with the transmission. I’ll probably take the instrument cluster out to see if I can reset the posi..

« No need to remove the instrument cluster; the adjustment should be at the other end. Remove the covers and get to the steering column. You will see a thin cable hooked to a pawl on the gear select.. »

« I pulled the panel off under the steering wheel to find the adjustable wheel you mentioned and the plastic piece that holds it in place had broken. I’m in the process of epoxying it overnight. We’.. »

« The epoxy job worked, and adjusting it was as simple as turning the little black wheel as you said. Where the break occurred didn’t leave much gluing surface. After the pieces were put back in plac.. »

« so all that is required is taking off the bottom cover under the steering column? I’ll give it a shot this evening… Thanks for the reply. btw – what is a pawl?  Smile -Inet »


Gear Shift Rattle 1999 E300TD

Lately I’ve noticed a gear shift rattle while driving at various speeds before 4th gear. The transmission shifts OK, but the rattle is starting to become a bit annoying. Does anyone know what could be cause it? Also, four new Yokohama tires were put on last Dec. At about 10K miles, I attempte..

« It could be the transmission shift linkage bushings needs to be replaced. As for rear right tire, no, not normal… it need to be fixed right away. »

« Thanks Tiger. I’ll check the bushing to see if they need to be replaced. How often should the tranny be serviced? »

« Tranny should be serviced every 30,000 miles… I know you got alot more than this but I would say no more than 50,000 miles so there is a wide range of time to do the job. »


Outback shift gear stop

One of my peeves about my 2001 Outback has been that the auto shift lever too easily drops down into 3rd. When you pull back from park all the way down, it drops to 3rd. Even after all of these years,I sometimes don’t realize this until I’ve driven several miles on the freeway at too high an RPM. ..


r32 gear shift sticking / not selecting

Hello I’v just gone out to take my son’s r32 for a run as he is away working. But I cannot select any gears?? Well I did manage to force it into 1st to reposition the car on the drive but I don’t want to risk driving it in case I lose all gear selection. I suspect that once it’s moving it may be a..


Remove gear shift cover for 2004 A4

Greetings, Does anyone know how to remove the gear shift cover on a 2004 A4 1.8T Quattro automatic with tiptronic? I believe that a coin got lodged underneath the cover, which is preventing me from shifting into drive. Thanks, Steve

« Nevermind – I figured it out. In case anyone needs to do this, here is how it’s done: 1) Remove the plastic piece surrounding the metal piece that contains the PRND holes by prying it up with your f.. »


2004 Celica GT—how do you remove the gear shift knob?

Hello Toyota people, I have a question. I have a 2004 Celica GT (5 speed), and the gear shift leather BOOT seems attached to the plastic KNOB. I would like to separate the KNOB from the BOOT to expose the shiny metal of the shifter itself. How do I remove the KNOB? How do I allow the BOOT to slid..

« The knob SHOULD just twist off. It can be daunting at first; they’re on pretty tight. Now my experience is with older Toys, I just had my first drive in a 2001 Celica two weeks ago and I didn’t real.. »


2004 Odyssey – Gear shift locked upon starting

My dealer hasn’t heard of this problem, it happens when parked on a up or downhill slope. Starts fine but the gear shift will not move and the red circle is not on P(park). You have to flip up this little cover on the steering column, insert our key, move the gear shift, restart. Sometimes I ha..

« Next time you park on a hill, while the vehicle is still in gear, set the parking brake. Put the transmission in neutral. Then take your foot off of the regular brake (slowly) till the parking b.. »

« I have this same problem with my Odyssey. The dealer first says this is a security feature that is in the minivan. The first time the gear shift locked up, we were parked (with the motor running) .. »

« On 3/20/07 they replaced the range sensor and the A/T gear position switch, so far so good!!! When they ordered the part it was three weeks waiting on backorder. The same week I wrote on this webs.. »


2002 Toyota Sienna Automatic Gear Shift Just Broke!

Hello, I’ve just joined the group and I hope you will be able to help me out. My Sienna has 55000km on it and we baby this car to the ‘T’. I had just started the vehicle and was about to change from ‘P’ to ‘D’ when the gear shift lever broke. No force was used and we always pull back the shifter ..

« My family has 6 Siennas. None have ever broken their shifter. »

« But, are *your* Siennas of the car variety? »

« Pardon me for missing it. What is your question exactly? Between my brothers and sister there are 6 Sienna which includes both generations. One of my best friends has one too. »

« Viperkiller, just in case you happen to still be looking for a proofreader and/or editor, you might want to enter the search words “editor proofreader” at Google.com. When I did so, some promising a.. »


2000 Toyota Camry CE: Hard gear shift in auto

Hi all, A newb here, so I’m not sure whether I’m using the correct terms or not, so bear with me. Car specs: 2000 Toyota Camry CE 97K miles Automatic transmission I have had my car for 3 years and have noticed that these days everytime the gear changes, there is a hard ‘kick’. The shiftin used to ..

« you ever have the trany fluid changed? »


Gear Shift On A Sportage

Yes I am looking at purchesinga 1997 Kia Sportage with a Five Speed tranismission Just was wondering if when the vehcle in in gear if the gear shift is supose to move a lot. Almost feels like it is in nutral. Woudl love to knwo if I should stay away from this one…. Drives nice other wise has..

« Sounds normal for that year Sportage so long as there isn’t a problem getting in and out of gear. Sometimes the linkage may become loose and need tightening. »

This link here might help

Automatic Transmission

1998 automatic Transmission???

My car seemed to slip a gear from 4th to 3rd and revved high without catching. I put it into manual mode and tried to change back to 4th, it did but seemed to slip back to 3rd again. It seems like the gears aren’t catching completely cause there’s a little bit of momentum but won’t go over 50km/h…

« there will be an error code stored in the engine computer. get it read and report back. »

« “GreenLude98″ wrote… you may not have a 4th anymore… my transmission (87 civic) did something similar a couple years ago… it managed to get back to the shop after a couple hours of 30kmh hig.. »

« Don’t overlook the obvious. Start by checking the fluid level in the transmission. If the fluid level is good, see if the fluid has a burnt smell. May be indication of something worse. Changing th.. »

« ========================== What model and what mileage? Have you ever changed the tranny fluid, and what brand was used? If you wipe the dipstick on a sheet of clean paper, what color is it? How d.. »


Automatic Transmission weird shifting

Automatic Transmission weird shifting 1990 Ford Ranger 4X2 Super Cab V 4.0L A4LD Transmission My vacuum modulator failed, automatic transmission fluid was being sucked into the intake. The part has been bad for a good while about a year. I discovered it as my fluid level has been slowly dropping..

Click here for more info on this topic


1997 automatic transmission

Hello: I need to know the product date, the break down is – up to 7/21/96 and from 7/22/96. This is a 210 TYPE trans. I look up parts numbers all day – hopefully I can help. Don Sparks (Bowtie Benz)


E320 1997 automatic transmission

Darryl: If you do not have an Ident plate “E” me your VIN and I will decode it for you. Don Sparks Blacky’s Auto Recycling


1992 Presso automatic transmission

Recently this car, which has been real good, has developed a fault of frequently being erratic with gear shift, especially when cold. Anyone have any idea if this is common, or if it’s a minor or major problem ?


Neon : Automatic Transmission Problem

Hi Folks. I got the same problem with 2 neons already (2000 and 2003). After 45 minutes to 1 hour of high speed highway traveling the transmission switches into the “emergency opterating modus” (that is how a mechanic called it). This means that the cars is much slower and there is no kickdown fun..


automatic transmission oil filter

For lancer GLX 1.6cc AT CVT oil filter for gear box should be replaced or its permenant usage


00 jetta 2.0 L Automatic transmission problem

On my 2000 vw jetta with the 2.0 l auto transmission, how do i get to selenoid valve 5? Does anyone know anything about it?

« It’s mounted on the valve body, but you must remove the auto trans pan first. Do you have a repair manual which should help doing the repair. »

« no, i do not have a repair manual. is there anything else i should know about fixing my problem? »

« What does that selonoid valve 5 do? »

« With respect, Automatic Transmissions are not for amateurs. Unless you have some expertise in the field and know *exactly* what you are doing, you *will* screw it up. Going in without a manual is, w.. »


97 Tiburon, automatic transmission problems

Hi, I have a 97 Tiburon, Automatic Transmission, with about 110k miles. Presently, it seems to go only into 1st and 2nd gear. When it tries to switch to 3rd (or higher), it acts as if it’s dropped into neutral. No problem with reverse. About 6 months ago I had the transmission flushed at the d..

« Plan for a transmission overhaul or replacement. Little other explanation. As far as value of the vehicle, that’ll depend on the condition of the rest of the vehicle. Even if I knew, I’m still no .. »


Automatic Transmission Fluid for 83 Mustang

Hi, I own an 83 Mustang convertible with the 3.8 liter engine. I need automatic transmission fluid. My manual says to use Motorcraft type H. My local Ford dealer has never heard of Type H. What should I use that is currently available? Thanks. gary comfort ponce inlet, fl 32127

« yes Regarding “> Hi, Thanks.                                                 gary comfort                         ponce inlet, fl 32127 —————————————————- I would.. »

« I did a google search and found that Type H is what was specified for the C5 automatic. From another site, it appears that you can use Mercon or Dextron III as a substitute. Your dealer should ha.. »

« Yeah… well let’s not forget he said he worked for AAMCO !… When was the last time you got good advice for your transmission from them He didn’t read the REST of the memo which instructed them to.. »

« Years ago, ’81-’83, during my college days, I can remember inserts in with shift kits, as well as other trans parts, concerning the use of the proper fluid after installation of the parts. Type F w.. »


2003 Golf Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

A friend wants me to change the fluid in his automatic transmission for him. He has a 2003 Golf. I have the shop manual up until 1999 and it says that you need a vacuum pump to get the fluid out since there is no drain plug. Is this right? Is there a drain plug on the 2003 models? Is there a fil..

« Dave, Excellent info. Thanks!! »

« from “the fluid in your tranny right now is the VW ATF that you can only use…it is a synthetic…to make that tranny last for a very very long time is not to beat on it and make sure the trann.. »


1999 Breeze automatic transmission , limp mode, will not s..

Hi, This newsgroup gave me the answer to my problem (thru groups.google.com), and so “to help the next guy”, I’m posting a summary of what happened and how I fixed it. The car is a 1999 Plymouth Breeze with 39000 miles on it. (Yeah, it’s an old lady’s car).  Smile The symptoms: 1. The “check engine..

« Thanks Zentara. Your contribution is valuable. Is the transmission a 41TE? I assume this would apply to my Cirrus. Icky »


05 Matrix Automatic Transmission “Harsh Shifting Noise”

After reaching a speed of 40 to 50 miles an hour and slowing down, I hear a popping, snapping noise or a “thud” and feel a front end jerk. Sometimes the noise is rather loud, but other times more subtle. This happens when downshifting into first about a third of the time. I had a service done a..


2002 V70 XC automatic transmission oil change

2002 volvo v70 xc …how to change oil in automatic transmission, there is no drain plag to be found. It looks like front subframe needs to be lowered in order to access the pan’s top screws. Your help is greatly appreciated.


95 Dodge Ram 1500 Automatic Transmission is stuck in neutr..

I have a Dodge Ram 1500 that won’t shift out of neutral. Regardless of where the shifter is it just sits there and revs up. I assume it’s stuck in neutral because I’m able to tow is on all four wheels. Is this a common problem with Dodges? If so, do you have any ideas of what it might be. I kn..

« Not stuck in neutral. A condition known as No Drive or Reverse. (Vehicle will not move) Possible Causes: Fluid level low Gearshift Linkage/Cable Loose/Misadjusted U-Joint/Axle/Transfer cae broken V.. »

« Is it 4×4 ? t-case in neutral? »

« Broken flexplate? Broken input shaft? Broken output shaft? No fluid? Problem actually in transfer case? Lots of things… start with the simple stuff, (check T-case, check fluid, pull inspectio.. »

« FYI: It turned out to be a clogged filter. Looks like it has never been changed. Thanks for the ideas! »